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SEE SOUND smart home hearing device

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The world’s first smart home hearing system

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SEE SOUND is a revolutionary home device that identifies and distinguishes critical and convenient home sounds using AI-learning sound models. Once a sound is identified, SEE SOUND alerts you via your smart devices in real time.

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Expansive library

Reports on numerous household sounds with an industry-leading accuracy level

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Real-time reporting

Listens for both common household and life-threatening sounds that could indicate an emergency

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Total control

Ability to personalize device and sound reporting in the app to fit the needs of your home

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Smart design

Fits in a 3.2-square-inch space, plugs directly into the wall, and includes WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities

The future of assistive technology

Current accessibility products are extremely limited, not to mention the fact that many are overpriced, outdated, and single use. SEE SOUND can now replace them all.

Pinpoints sound location

The more SEE SOUND devices you have in your home, the more focused and precise your reporting will be, targeting the exact room the sound came from.

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Sound data at your fingertips

The SEE SOUND app visualizes the sound data, while giving you the ability to customize notifications based on what sounds are important for your home.

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Deaf owned and operated

Wavio is led by a passionate group of 3 Deaf entrepreneurs whose vision is to make sound accessible to everyone.

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SEE SOUND smart device

How it works

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When a sound occurs, the closest SEE SOUND device registers the spike in volume and checks to see if the noise matches a sound in its library.


SEE SOUND identifies the noise it hears and gives a ranking for how confident it is in the sound prediction.

Steam notification coming from the kitchen with a 96% prediction percentage and accompanying sound wave


SEE SOUND alerts you that a sound has occurred via your connected smart devices.

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Who we are

SEE SOUND is a revolutionary sound recognition device born from the collaborative efforts of Wavio, a Deaf-owned software company, and advertising giant, AREA 23, an FCB Health Network Company. Together, this partnership is designing the future of sound equality.

Wavio is the market leader in sound recognition technology. Founded in 2015 by 3 Deaf entrepreneurs, the company strives to transform the way we think about sound recognition and sound contextual awareness, capitalizing on artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies.

AREA 23 is a full-service healthcare agency that has dismantled the barriers that stand in the way of true innovation. The company has been consistently recognized with top advertising industry awards and honors, and continues to set the bar on breakthough creative.