Finally, a smart device that helps the Deaf see sound

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Meet See Sound

The world’s first smart home hearing system for the Deaf and hard of hearing

White sound wave
White sound wave
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Robust sound library

Predicts a set of 75 unique household sounds based on a database of over 2 million sound clips.

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Always listening

Listens for both common household and life-threatening sounds that could indicate an emergency.

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Total control

Ability to customize notifications based on what sounds are important to you.

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Fully integrated

Seamlessly connects with other assistive devices that may already be in the home.

See Sound smart device

How See Sound works

Kitchen scene with pot boiling over Stove with pot boiling over


When a sound occurs inside or near the household, the closest See Sound registers the spike in volume and illuminates.


Once registered, See Sound interprets the sound it hears and makes a prediction based on its level of confidence.

Steam sound prediction at 96%


See Sound alerts users that a sound has occurred via their smart devices.

Sound notifications on smart watch, phone, and hue lights

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